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About Gleamstan

Gleamstan is an upcoming brand which wishes to cater to the evolving lifestyle of the agile and aspiring generation by providing a virtual shopping experience and offering the round-the-clock requirement of clothing and essential accessories. The brand name Gleamstan arises from the concept of gleam. The name indicates the shining provided by the clothes, which brings exceptional style to the personality of the people, satisfying their needs.

At Gleamstan, we will always endeavour to create a high street that hasn’t previously existed for Indian designer wear. We will standardise our collection into two major seasons each year and keep it unisex as much as possible with an aim to democratize fashion and make luxury clothing and aesthetics accessible to our shoppers. Our Brand DNA will emulate around comfort, elegance and reach.

You may go through an interesting piece of note from our founder below.

Journey of Gleamstan Lifestyle so far….

A baby step taken by my best half by retailing women’s nightgowns within our close acquaintance made both of us think of extending the same to a complete range of nightwear.

As we started engaging with more and more people around, we found that there is a limit to retailing if we only focus on our acquaintances as it is in fact a game beyond the word-of-mouth promotion and business practices. Also, it was observed that most of the people still use the same apparel as loungewear, nightwear and sportswear.

We also found that there are some segments in the apparel industry, where taste and preference change with what a celebrity wears in the next episode of tele serials. Not only that we found that customers are becoming sensitive to comfort, quality, ease of maintenance and longevity but at the end of the day people want value for money.

After very thoughtful deliberations, we could conclude to focus on the working-class segment from teenagers to those who are in their fifties and decided to focus on a theme called slow-moving fashion and cater to their 24×7 need for apparel and accessories which are essential for them to carry out their daily routine i.e., formal wear, smart casuals, loungewear, sleepwear, athleisure as far as apparels are concerned, tie, cufflinks, purse, belt, handbag, laptop bag, handkerchief, coffee mug, coasters, water bottle, backpacks, bathrobe, bath towel, hand towel, face mask, bedsheets, pillow covers when it comes to essential accessories.

So as a first step, we started procuring readily available samples and started with night suits for women and juniors, and formal trousers for men at a very fair price and decent quality. We also floated a survey on google Forms to understand the taste, colour, quality, fitting, and price slab and got very good insight from the data gathered from these surveys.

In meantime, we attended two national-level exhibitions organized by CMAI in Mumbai, one in Goregaon on garments in the month of July and another in BKC on fabrics this month. As we found this forum useful, we became members of CMAI.

The next logical step was to generate a clear roadmap to take this idea forward and after much deliberation, we firstly stopped retailing for sampling and started working on procuring the right fabric and approached leading textile brands and also those who supply the fabric to them. At the same time, we touched base with a professional branding company for suggesting a brand name, designing a logo, and get it registered for a trademark under class 25 through a legal attorney and this whole exercise gave us our Brand name called “GLEAMSTAN” where gleam means the apparel which complements one’s ora with its shining, elegance and comfort.

On the sidelines, we started working with one professional agency to develop our e-commerce website for giving a platform to our in-house as well as other upcoming brands with an objective of growing from B2C to B2B brand in future.

On this journey, we procured fabric some of which have 2% elastane for the desired stretch for formal trousers and got computerized patterns for slim and regular fit designs with the option of the auto-flex waist. The production of which is underway.

We have also shortlisted fabric for formal shirts, a brand of loungewear which is ready to allow our e-commerce platform to market their product, to begin with.

The overall objective is to have 4-5 categories of apparel and accessories in each segment in the next 6 months.

Now, we are glad to inform you that our first production of formal trousers in two variants of fabric(elastane/non-elastane), and pattern (Slim/Regular fit) with sizes from 32 to 40 are ready and will be available for you to buy in next couple of weeks.

Hope you will like our products and extend your patronage to us, and we will surely reciprocate by rewarding all those who helped us in this journey under the attractive loyalty program and promotional offer.

Thanks, and regards

Pooja & Vinod Chawla

Gleamstan Lifestyle

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